These days, smartphones are just as important as our computers. Having an Android phone that is gone, steal or crack is disaster without having a backup. Your most important messages, contacts, photos, and other stuffs are gone in a single moment.

Nowadays, it is very important for all android users to have a backup of their phones. That way, they can keep and restore all their important data whenever they want. In this article I will show you the options how you can backup android phone and how you can restore it.


Free and Paid Methods to Backup Android Phone

Method 1: Free Methods

1. Using Google Sync

  • Backup App Data, Calendar, Chrome, Contacts, Gmail, Photos, Videos, People details – Just go to Settings > Accounts > Google and check everything you want to sync.

Backup Android Phone with Google Sync


2. Back up Text Messages

Backup Android SMS with SMS Backup and Restore


Method 2: Paid Methods

1. My Back Up Pro

  • $4.99
  • Backup everything to local SD card or to your favorite online storage.
  • Works for rooted and un-rooted but if you are rooted, you will unlock advance features like freezing bloatware and system apps, wiping cache and data of application, etc.
  • Supports over 15 languagesMy Backup PRO

2. Titanium Back up Pro

  • $6.68
  • Top Root App and recommended
  • Backup everything including SMS, Photos, Videos, App, App Data, etc.
  • Backup while using other apps(running in background)
  • Batch backup
  • Multiple backup per app
  • Backup to Dropbox, Box, Google Drve or TB web serverTop android backup apps - Titanium Backup


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