Change Default Font Featured Image

How to change the default font of any Android Phone

We all know that the default font of Android phones…

- June 15, 2015
Holding a Tablet

How to select the best tablet for your usage

You will find many types of tablets on the market.…

- June 6, 2015
Rooted Phone

Must have Apps for Rooted Android Device

The possibility of customizing an android Smartphone is vast. But,…

- May 21, 2015
Ways for moving App and Data to External SD

Ways for moving App and Data to External SD Card

Moving app and data to external sd card has become…

- May 5, 2015
Delete Key

Recover Deleted files on Android

Every once in a while, you might get into this…

- April 28, 2015
Android Phone Google Apps

Fix Too Many Pattern Attempts Error

We are living in the era of Smartphones. Now a…

- April 23, 2015
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