The possibility of customizing an android Smartphone is vast. But, if you have a Non-Rooted device, there is a limit. So, to lift up this restriction you have to root your smartphone. And many of us don’t want to root our phones for safety reasons. But, it is sure that, if you have a rooted device then you can easily get all the privileges of customizing your phone as you like.

There are lots of powerful apps in the Play store which need root access to run. If you have root access in your phone then you can easily use all of them. We will discuss about some of the must have apps for rooted android device here. So, if your device is rooted, seat back and go through this article.

9 Must Have Apps for Rooted Android Device

1. Root explorer

There are many File explorer on the Playstore, but Root Explorer is a one-man-army. It is not an ordinary file explorer at all. You can obviously copy, paste things from one folder to other with this app. But, it also has some incredible features such as- creating and opening ZIP files, changing attributes and permissions of files. You can also do the task of mounting, remounting, sharing etc., with this powerful file explore.

Apps for Rooted Device Root Explorer

2. Folder Mount

Some of the phones don’t have enough internal storage. As a result, we need to move our apps and games to the external SD. But, many phones do not support moving apps to external SD card by default. At this point, you have to use this application. It is a very powerful app, which can easily move any apps/games/data to external SD card. So, you will not face any insufficient storage error from the next time.

Folder Mount

3. iFont

We all know that the default font on Android smartphones is terrible. So, if you want to use any cool fonts instead of the default font, iFont is the app for you. You can choose from hundreds of different fonts within this app. You can either install them directly from online.

Again, you can also download any of your favorite fonts from the web and put it into your phone’s storage and install it with this app easily. Certainly, if you want to change the look of your android smartphone, then iFont is the savior. Changing the default font will give your phone new and attractive look.


4. AFWall+ (Android Firewall+)

We all know that Android silently consumes data on background. If you chose to enable the auto sync option or turning on the background data, then it is certain that some of the unnecessary apps will use data in background. It is also bad for your battery life.

So, if you want to stop those unnecessary apps to connect to internet then AFWall+ is the solution for you. With this app you can block any connection whether it is background or foreground. And, by using this app you can easily save a lot of your internet data and battery life of your phone.


5. Titanium Backup

This app has another pro version, which includes more attractive features. But, you have to pay for the pro version. If you want to be safe with your Android app, then backing up your Data, apps etc. is the first solution. But, baking up apps is a tricky process to execute. If you do any type of mistakes during back up, you might damage your phone. At that point, to be safe you can use Titanium Backup. This app has a very user friendly interface. So, you will not make any mistakes. This app also offers some innovative features like system apps uninstaller, app freezing, stop apps from auto runs etc. you can also make use the ‘Schedule Backup’ feature, where the app will automatically take back up of your apps. So, this is a handy app, if you have to take back up frequently.

Titanium Backup Root


6. ROM manager

After rooting any android, the first thing comes to our mind is using  Custom ROM. Using a custom ROM is very good but not that easy to install/flash it. Here comes ROM manager with its benefits. Using the ROM manager app. You can easily take backup of your default ROM and save it for later. You can directly flash any custom ROM within this app.

This app features a very easy, user-friendly interface. So, you will not make any mistakes. As a result you can install any custom ROMs without any hassle. You can also use the OTA feature to update your custom ROM (if the ROM support OTA features) using this app. So, if you want to use custom ROMS or using one then ROM Manager is the best companion for you.

ROM Manager


7. Busybox installer

Busybox installer is a very important and must have app for the rooted users. You might not find any significance of this app for the normal day to day use of your phone. But, if you use custom ROMs then this is a crucial app for you. Most of the times it comes pre-installed with custom ROMs. Because, without this app Custom Rom will be unusable. So, you should install it if you are a rooted user.

BusyBox Installer

8. Market Helper

There are thousands of apps in the Playstore. But, not all of them are compatible with every device. Some are compatible with tablets where some are others are with phones. Again, some app have country restrictions. So, if you want to lift up limits and anyhow want to use those apps then you should use ‘Market Helper’.

With this app you can easily lift up any restrictions and install any app from Playstore in your phone. So, as a rooted android device user, you must install this app.

Market Helper

9. Greenify

The main problem with Android, is their battery life. They are very prone to be discharged quickly. Because, many unnecessary apps keep running in the background ad those apps consumes a lot of battery life. To escape from this situation, you can use Greenify.

This app hibernates any apps that runs on background and save your battery. There are any apps out there which can do this type of task but they actually freeze apps where Greenify hibernates them. So, if you want an app that can literally save your battery life then this is the app for you.

Greenify Root


There are abundance of different types of apps throughout the web. But, not all of them are useful. So, for your convenience we have tried to gather here, information of the most useful apps for the rooted devices. You can now try them on your Smartphone. And, it’s your time to customize your phone the way you want.




Photo credit: Freedom via photopin (license)