Android is the most happening word in the world of mobile communication. Since its arrival, it has been able to create a sensation and people are simply mad for it. Almost every alternate people do have their android enabled smart phone for any purpose.

Truly, it has created a new definition in the internet-enabled smartphone segment. As android is synonymous to internet, without which a smartphone will become a dumb, so there comes a security concern also. Virus, malware and other infecting items can enter into the smartphone and chances are high to have some costly damages. Not necessarily, the phone will be infected, but even data can be theft due to such powerful and harmful malware.

But luckily, the android operating system has been built keeping all these aspects into consideration. So chances are less. Still, prevention is always better than cure and for that, one can have an anti-virus application installed in the phone. It will not only safeguard the phone from any external attack, but also will give a tremendous mental support to the user.

Here are top 5 antivirus apps for android phones that can be used to get better protection.

FREE Antivirus Apps for Android Phones

1.    Avast mobile security

Out of the all free mobile anti-virus applications, Avast mobile security is one of the best. It started with the personal computer version, now the same has been extended to the android platform also.

It is equipped with an impressive range of utility and tools that can protect a smartphone in the best possible way. The web shield scans all the URL’s to check whether any malware is present or not.

Avast mobile security also comes with a unique option called “anti-theft” feature. This hidden feature remotely controls the smartphone using SMS and is particularly helpful in critical conditions. If the phone is lost, one can easily locate the phone, can even lock it or wipe all the data from a remote place.

Avast mobile security also provides support in case the phone is rooted. For safe browsing and malware protection, this is one of the best apps of the lots. One can easily download the same from Google Play Store.

Avast free Antivirus Apps for Android Phones

2.    360 Security

360 security is made of China and is one of the chart busters in the antivirus segment. A free utility designed for android, 360 security helps to protect a phone in all round way. 360 security application having an option of real-time scan to search for spyware, malware and other threats.

It also detects and fixes system issues, if any and cleans all idle background apps for faster operation of the smartphone. 360 security also comes with power saving option, junk file remover, memory booster and encryption features to manage the smartphone efficiently.

Its memory booster feature is particularly helpful to clear some free spaces in RAM. It comes with strong protection features and that is why many android users download the same from Google Play Store

360 antivirus for Android

3.    AVL Anti-Virus

If the requirement is of a very simple and basic anti-virus application in the android platform, then AVL anti-virus is the ideal one in such case. It does not have any anti-theft protection tool, but it is very much helpful in detecting virus and malware.

It can scan various file formats and is fast in detecting unauthorized intruders. It records nearly 100% detection of external threat in the most critical condition and that is why many people opt for it.

AVL PRO Android AntiVirus

4.    Avira Anti-virus security

Avira anti-virus security application is also another useful security tool that is been trusted by many users across the globe. It is ideal for any android enabled smart phone or tablet and is also equipped with the anti-theft option. Spam control feature is very rich in this application and one can make a good list of blacklisted items using Avira app.

This free version tool helps to identify whether the email id of the user has been hacked or not. The premium version of Avira anti-virus security application comes with more features like anti-phishing and all.

Avira Antivirus for Android

5. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET Mobile security is relatively a new application in the android platform and within a short time, it has been able to win hearts of thousands of people. It has a simple interface that can be used by anyone. Also, it helps to detect threats in a great way.

The real-time scanning finds harmful malware at ease and also comes up with anti-theft tools. The premium version of ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus comes up with options like remote wipe, sim guard etc. and can be purchased easily from Google Play Store

ESET Mobile Security Antivirus


So, these are the top 5 antivirus apps for android phones. Although several other security utilities are available in the market and one can try any of those. But these 5 are widely used by millions of android users and over the years, they have proved their worthiness. Happy browsing and safe browsing.



Photo credit: LG G3 via photopin (license)