Nowadays, Android is the most preferred operating system for smartphones. An experienced user has a tendency to explore the system in details. He tries to tweak, to root and to install custom ROM instead of the Android Stock ROM.

Android Stock ROM comes by default with any android device and if tweaked then it voids the warranty. The other advantages of stock ROM lie in pre-installed apps and premium features that normally a custom ROM can’t provide.

A Custom ROM provides you with the root access, to update the latest firmware before it is officially released and provides better performance in various cases.

But, on the other side, you might have a bad experience after installing the custom ROM and you might be forced to use the original stock ROM.

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If you have tried custom ROM for some time and not getting enough advantage of it, now it is the high time to shift back to the stock Android ROM.

Although several people try to use custom ROM for more features and benefits, in several cases it doesn’t work. Hence they had to return to the stock Android ROM.

You can download official android stock ROM from various trusted devices. Before entering into that detail, let’s check the actual usage of stock ROM.

Why should you use Android Stock ROM?

  1. You can enjoy the latest version of Android in stock ROM. If the phone comes from a reputed manufacturer, then its R&D division will bring you the latest update whenever released. Further, the latest firmware is also available for updating the device.
  2. Security updates are always beneficial for Android smartphones. Official stock Android ROMs come with latest security features whereas custom ROMs ignore the security aspect and look into other areas. The phone remains vulnerable and that is why stock android is the most sought-after ROM in the market.
  3. Stock Android ROMs comes with the seal of trust and a user can use any app without giving a second thought. All the related apps should run on that platform and manufacturer takes utmost care before releasing the same.
  4. App permission is also a great feature in stock Android ROM. Everything is optimized in terms of security and performance. You need not worry about the app permissions as they are managed automatically in the background.
  5. Android custom ROM might give you a below performance while testing the new features. Here, stock ROMs are clearly the winner as stock ROMs never compromise on the performance and quality.

Installing system update

You can download Android stock ROM using various options.

1 Manufacturer Website

You might find the stock ROMs directly from OEM’s desk. Manufacturers do upload several important software and latest update. One can easily download the same from their server.

2 Google Flagship Update

If you are a Google Nexus user then you can find the update packages from Google portal. You can find latest updates listed there and you have the luxury to download them as per your model.

3 Forums, Blogs & Other Websites

If Manufacturer website and Google Flagship update don’t come handy, then you can check various android forums and blogs where people do upload stock Android ROMs such as xda-developer forums.

You can download the official Android stock ROM from those places. But a word of caution, you have to check the authentic source of that ROM else your device might be damaged.

Using the above-mentioned options, you can download stock ROM of Samsung, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Gionee, and other reputed brands. You may need some time to spend for searching the perfect ROM on the Internet.

Even nowadays, some Android apps are in the market that you can download official android stock ROM from Google Play and search for your desired ROM.