Android has come up with some important updates this June 2016 and those are very much relevant in present market situation. The security patch that has been rolled out is applicable for some leading smartphone models and those will fix important bugs easily.

Nexus devices have received android security patch and this is an OTA update. OTA stands for Over the Air update and it is directed to Nexus users only. A detailed documentation has also been released for all Nexus users to educate how to check the security patch levels. This security update intends to remove system vulnerability in Qualcomm, Media server chipsets and helps to fight against critical issues arise in Nexus devices. Users should upgrade to the latest version of android to avoid any potentially harmful to android applications. A list has been send to all concerned regarding updated AOSP versions, Nexus devices and other relevant information. Android security patches that have been rolled out in June also covers audio, GPU, Wi-Fi drivers of various chipsets.

This android security patch also covers another premiere manufacturer like HTC. This current patch has updated software version to 1.80.6171 in HTC 10 models and this firmware update has helped a lot in terms of stability of the smartphone.

Android Security Patch - HTC

There is good news for leading smartphone company Samsung and Verizon Wireless has come up also with android security patch this June for the flagship Samsung products like Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge. This software update has been tested rigorously to notice the effect on the Samsung phones. This android security patch is meant to resolve several issues and targets to optimize overall device performance. This patch is trying to address some security susceptibility issues that can allow “remote code execution on any affected device”. The most important thing is, Google has promised & assured its users that these bugs have not been exploited so much and there is no report of affecting any device. Even the updates are applicable for Galaxy S6 series phones also. Apart from Samsung, Verizon has come up updates for LG smartphones.

The updates for Samsung 2016 flagship products are an essential addition as these security patches will help to strengthen the android operating system. In Europe, the update is of 329 MB of size in Samsung phones whereas in rest of the world, it is of 70 MB. The android security patch also helps immensely to improve the native camera application. An old issue of flickering video playback has been resolved also by this latest firmware update.

As per Google, the most critical issue is the bug that enables remote code execution which in turn can affect any device using MMS and email, that is why more and more security updates are coming to combat against such brute forces. Using this update, Android has become more powerful to fight against several odds and that is why users are always encouraged to use the latest & updated version of Android.

In short, it’s really a great news that the android security patch that is rolling out this June 2016 has a tremendous effect on the current smartphone users and hope apart from Samsung, HTC, Android One phones and Nexus devices, other leading smartphones will get such facility so that an Android smartphone remains in the best shape for longer duration.



Photos: Samsung & HTC