Here are the 5 common misconceptions about Android which should be discarded. Although there might be some more points, these are major ones.

Android is nowadays the most popular operating system and it is widely used in the smartphones. Arguably it is the best for any phone as it comprises of so many good features.

Singlehandedly Android can manage so many tasks that it has become a de-facto standard any cell phone. Still, there are several misconceptions and wrong information available over Android. People do raise questions on its performance, security, complexity, and services.

Here are the 5 common misconceptions about Android which should be discarded in the very first attempt. Such Android myths should not be taken too seriously as people used to spread such myths about cell phone very often.

5 Common Misconceptions about Android

1 Android is a very complicated OS

This misconception is prevalent in the market, especially for a newbie. People term Android as a complex operating system and often new comers are intimated not to use that. And this perception is not a new one.

For several years, it has been tried to establish that Android is not a very simple operating system; rather it is very tough and complex. But, the most interesting part is most of the people use Android on their smartphone.

If Android is not an easy one, then why people will make it so popular? Every Operating System is different in nature and the same applies to Android, too.


2 Android is easily infected by Virus and Malware

The other misconception is Android is easily infected by Malware. It is true that malware does exist on Android, but its effectiveness is very low. The security shield is quite strong and Android can fight against any odd.

But it should not be taken lightly.

Software on your phone should be updated whenever it is available and the latest version always keeps away any unwanted applications. Thus, your phone remains safe and secured.

Apps should be downloaded and installed from trusted repositories like Google Play Store. Third party apps are better to avoid and it might be harmful if installed from there, one might experience a few vulnerabilities which may affect the performance of the smartphone.

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3 IOS is better than Android in terms of Performance

People often say that IOS from Apple is a far superior operating system than Android. According to them, the performance of IOS is better than Android.

In the early stage of Android, there were a set of issues which did pose trouble to Android enabled smartphones at that time. Then people started to compare Android with IOS.

But, with all sorts of development, Android became a robust operating system with all sorts of security associated with it.  But, the applications should be used from reliable sources and the updates should be installed regularly.

Then there won’t be any complaints about Android and people will stop to compare it with IOS.

iOS vs Android
iOS vs Android

4 Android Apps are released after Apple IOS Apps

There are certain apps that are released in IOS firstly, then on other platforms. But the scenario has been changed for several years due to a huge number of people using Android enabled smartphone.

There remains individual choice or any company directive to develop either IOS or Android app at first and then the other one after some time. There is no rigid rule on it, but a set of developers give preference on IOS over Android and other sets of people focus on an alternative option.

Both the operating systems are different in every aspect and no comparison can be drawn. But the misconception should be erased off as nowadays Android apps are released much ahead of its biggest rival, Apple.


5 Google services are mandatory for Android

There is no such hard bound that you need to use all Google’s features like Map, Drive, Calendar, Mail in order to use Android. The best part of Android is it can be customized as per your requirement so there is no mandate that Google products have to be used in every case.

One can easily go for other suitable alternatives. There are numerous people who are using apps other than Google and they are successfully running their smartphone without any hassle.


What do you think?

Although there might be some more points, these are major ones. If these 5 common misconceptions about Android are removed, then Android will gain more market share and Android myths or myths about cell phone will be decreased.