Smartphone is an integral part of daily life, one can hardly imagine a few hours without a smartphone. It not only keeps updated round the clock but also stores some invaluable documents like picture, video and others.

If the smartphone crashes or don’t function, at first people become concerned about those. Also every day a good number of contacts are added, so losing the track of such contacts is also a huge loss.

There are several apps for data backup and all, but hardly a few are quite strong to scan the root deeply and fetch the lost data. Here are the top 5 android backup apps this 2016 that can be very much helpful whenever required.

Top Android Backup Apps in 2016

1. Titanium Backup

This is one of the top android backup apps and is one of the oldest in the block. Titanium Backup is meant for some advanced users who have “rooted” their smartphone. Designed specifically for a class of people, Titanium Backup App is very much powerful in terms of function and it possess a nice user interface from where one can take the backup of applications quite easily.

Easily downloadable from Google Play, Titanium Backup is with a price tag of $6 and perfect for those experienced people who are looking to back up data and applications.

Top android backup apps - Titanium Backup

2. Carbon / Helium

Helium is also another utility application in which one can backup app and app related data. Further, this app helps to take necessary backup of SMS conversation, user dictionary, Wi-Fi connection settings and many more thing that has made this as a unique one.

Within a short span after release, Helium has become popular android backup apps due to all such features and as it saves only app related data, so back up file size is also very less in size. Using Helium one can even sync data from one device to another and all these can be done by paying only $5.


3. Easy App Toolbox

This is a free utility and one can easily download it from Google Play. It is one of the simplest backup applications used in Android smartphones and apps can be backed up in either SD Card or in PC or even in any Cloud storage also.

Easy App Toolbox can take the backup of apps only and is ideal for that user who only want that feature. The biggest advantage of this free app is that it does not need the root permission to execute such features.

Easy App Toolbox

4. App Backup & Restore

If one search for the simplest app for backup and restore, none can match App Backup & Restore app. A free app that can be downloaded from Google Play and one can really cheer about this little utility app.

Although the options are very less, perfect for anyone to whom the backup and restore only matters and its simple interface is very easy to be explored. One of the biggest advantages of using this app is the feature of auto backup whenever a new app is being installed in the android smartphone.

App Backup Restore

5. Ultimate Backup

If the requirement is taking backup of SMS, contact, apps and its related data, then one can look for Ultimate Backup app. The paid version costs $3 and can be downloaded from Google Play. This app is in fact offering too many features and some options to tweak its user interface also.

With the power to change the UI look, one can change the layout display along with transition animation. Although these are not directly related to backup and restore of data, but overall it creates an added attraction.

Ultimate Backup

Which Android Backup Apps to choose and why?

Well, this is a tricky question as it depends on so many factors. There are numerous apps available in the market and one can easily choose any of those. But, if someone is not ready to go for paid applications, then obviously he will get less features.

In that category, App Backup & Restore and Easy App Toolbox are good one though people use the former more. In case of paid one, if the Android smartphone is not rooted, then Carbon / Helium is ideally suited as it gives more features than others.

But if root is enabled on the Android device, then both Titanium Backup and Ultimate Backup are the best one to use as they are offering both extended functionality and style. Finally, it will be the user’s discretion which one to use as personal preference does matter a lot.

Photo credit: Samsung Galaxy A5 via photopin (license)