Android fans are excited for the official release of Android 7.0, known as Nougat or Android N, since the official announcement of the official name of the next Android OS on June 30, 2016. A rumored is circulating the internet for the release date of Android Nougat.

According to techradar, Android Nougat will be release this month of August 2016. Additionally, Evan Blass, the accurate news leaker, tweeted, “Android 7.0 releases next month, with the 8/5 security patch. Sorry Nexus 5 owners, no Nougat for you”. He hinted that the release of Android Nougat will be release on Aug 5, 2016 along with security patch for  Nexus devices.

However, droidlife pointed out that Evan didn’t say that Android Nougat will be release on Aug 5. They said that, Evan simply say that Nougat will be release this month of Aug with security patch on it but didn’t say the exact date.

Android 7.0 Nougat release date rumours

Google usually releases new hardware that can run along with the newest Android version after it has been release, that’s why Google is doing differently this time. Google will update Nexus phones and tablets to the final version of Android 7.0 Nougat rather than waiting until fall. So if you have Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, it will be updated to the last build.

One reddit user who owns Nexus 6P mistakenly received a confidential update of Android N who are meant only to Google Employees when he is about to downgrade from Android N preview version back to Android M – Marshmallow after having a bad battery in his phone. This indicate that Google is nearly close to the final build version of Android Nougat in which you’re expecting.

Android N Confidential Update
Android N Confidential Update / © brianmoyano @ reddit


What phones will get Android N?

I know your asking “when will I get the Android Nougat update to my phone?”. Unfortunately, not all phones will get the Android N OS as early as Oct 2016 because each phone manufacturer can take time to tweak the updates of Android N. However, if you own Nexus Phone such as 5X and 6P, you will mostly like to received the update of the final version of Android N.

LG announce that they will be the first manufacturer to ship a phone with Android Nougat installed. And that phone is LG v20. They also added to that opinion by explaining that it will be the first phone to feature Android 7.0 “out of the box.”



Featured Image: Credits to AndroidPIT