These days, Advertising is one way to earn money with their websites and blogs. These ads comes in different form. Website and Blog owner use banner ads, sidebar ads, in-content ads but the most annoying of all is the pop-up ads. Even in Android Games and Apps comes with ads and AdClear is on the rescue.

Many of websites, blogs and applications are providing you free information, free software or free service because these ads gives them enough money to support and keep them up. However, it can disrupt the user experience if the ads are place in a wrong way especially on Android Phone.

There are many ad blockers on the market today. Some of them provide you good service but some are just a bunch of “not-so-good app”. Last time, we teach you on how to block annoying ads with rooted phone but today we will teach you on how to block ads using AdClear without rooting your phone.


What is AdClear?

AdClear is made by Seven Networks. It’s a type of adblocker app which requires NO ROOT and if your phone is rooted, it will be fine and will function the same as for non-root users. It works by creating a VPN on your Android phone to filter ad traffic from coming in. It also works on encrypted ads(You just need to Enable the Advanced Protection – later you will know how to do it). There are many features of this app which includes:

  • 100% FREE
  • Simple to use
  • Blocks Ads in Apps and Browsers
  • Blocks encrypted ads
  • Saves data and battery
  • Loads the web page faster than before

How to block ads on Android phone using AdClear

  • First of all download and install for Android. (Direct link download)
  • A warning message will appear saying this file can harm your device, just click “OK”.AdClear Seven Android Apk Download for FREE
  • IMPORTANT! Make sure you check and allow installation of apps from unknown sources. If you don’t know this, go to Settings > Security > Check Unknown SourcesEnable Unknown Sources
  • Open AdClear. A tutorial will welcome you. Don’t worry, it’s only in the beginning. Just click “Continue”AdClear Beginning Tutorial
  • After you click continue twice, it will create a VPN. Check the “I trust this application” then click “OK”AdClear VPN enable
  • For best protection, we will need to Enable Advanced Protection.
  • Click the three horizontal bars located on the top left corner then click “Advanced Protection” and click “Enable Advanced Protection”Enable Advanced Protection
  • A pop up will appear for installing the certificate, just click “OK”Install CA Certificate AdClear
  • You can toggle the switch on and off to enable or disable the protection(from ads)Toggle On and Off Switch AdClear


And viola, no more ads. You will only see blank space. I hope this tutorial helps you.

AdClear Before and After


Watch the Step by Step Installation