Almost all smartphones today has a GPS or Global Positioning System. Your phones GPS sensor lets you use Google Maps, City Maps to Go, Here Maps or any navigational apps. It’s a great feature for smartphones that lets you find your way around.

A solid signal is critical not only for navigational apps but also for playing AR (augmented reality) games such as Pokémon Go. However, not all GPS sensors perform well like the others and a poor or weak signal may get you lost.

There are a lot of Android smartphones to choose from. Some have better GPS sensors than the other. It will vary from phone to phone. But if you want to improve GPS signal on your Android phone, here are the 5 tips that will help you to enhance your devices GPS signal.

5 Tips to improve GPS signal on your Android phone

1. Check your Location

First things first. Check your Location. Are you in the basement of a mall? Or you under the trees? Is it cloudy weather out there? GPS sensor needs a clear view of the sky to make it properly work. Basically you need to go outside to make your phone communicate with the GPS satellites above.

Your Android phone needs a LOS – Line of Sight to the sky. These is the most important tip of this article as it will determine how fast you can be located. I personally experience this because I don’t need internet data to help the GPS sensor determine my location.

Check your location

2. Turn on “High Accuracy” mode

If you already check the location and there is a clear line of sight but you’re still having issues, it’s time to turn on “High Accuracy” mode. This  mode uses GPS and Wifi, Internet or Mobile data to determine your exact location. That being said, this mode uses a lot of battery.

Android phones let’s you activate this mode at the cost of your battery life. The more it uses battery, the better and the precise location is being determine. However, most Android phones keep the precision at moderate level to avoid draining out all your battery power.

To enable this, Go to Settings > Location. Make sure the location services are turned ON. Click mode and choose High Accuracy Mode.

Turn on High Accuracy Mode

3. Avoid GPS signal lost

One of the main problems that we run into is the GPS signal loss especially when we are navigating and moving around apps. The GPS signal may lost when we are working from one app and moving to another app. For example if your navigating and someone texted you and you check it, the GPS is turned off by default to save your phones battery life.

To avoid this, you need to install GPS Connected. This app lets your device GPS to “Lock“, keeping the GPS signal active all the time until you turn it off. Keep in mind that this app uses a lot of battery to keep your GPS signal active.

GPS connected

4. Re-Calibrate your GPS

A weak signal is a sign of a poor quality signal. It can be due to poor calibration of your phones GPS, thereby giving you bad coordinates which leads to poor results. To fix and re-calibrate your phones GPS, we recommend you to install GPS Essential. After you install this app, simply hit the calibration button. The app will try to fix and configure the GPS.

If its still not good even after calibrating, try to diagnose it using the apps built in feature. This will check if the problem is hardware or software related. It will run a number of test and it will check whether there are GPS satellites on the phones range.

If the app finds no GPS satellites around, it could be due to metallic object around your phone such as your phones case or maybe your phone GPS hardware is malfunctioning. If it finds some GPS satellites and still your having issues, then maybe it is a software related problem and we advise to find another tips on this article.

GPS Essentials

5. Reset GPS Data

If nothing is working, then the last resort is to reset and clear your GPS data. This can be helpful because sometimes, your phone was lock to a GPS satellite that is not within the phones range which hinders your phone to lock to others GPS satellite.

Download and install GPS Status & Toolbox. Tap anywhere on the app. Go to App Menu and click Manage A-GPS State. Hit the Reset Data option then Go back to Manage A-GPS State then click Download. Restart your phone and your good to go.

GPS Status and Toolbox


Do you have any other tips to improve GPS signal on our Android Smartphone? Please feel free to share it with us in the comment section.