Delete Key

Recover Deleted files on Android

Every once in a while, you might get into this…

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Fix Too Many Pattern Attempts Error

We are living in the era of Smartphones. Now a…

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Understanding RAM in Android Phones

RAM or Random Access Memory is used to store temporary…

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Android Lollipop

Differences between KitKat and Lollipop

Android is the latest buzz in the town and with…

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Best Free Games for Android

Best Free Android Games that you will love to play

Have an android smartphone? Or a king size Tablet? Then…

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Sony Xperia

Top 10 Recommended Apps for your Smartphone

Android is the most happening technology ruling in smartphone nowadays.…

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Top 5 Android Backup Apps 2016

Smartphone is an integral part of daily life, one can…

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Why Rooting is needed to solve several issues in a smartphone

Android enables smartphones are the latest buzz in the town.…

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[Solved] Insufficient Storage available while installing Titanium Backup Root

"Error: Insufficient Storage Available", the error that I got when I…

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Team Tracker App Featured Image

What is Team Tracker App?

How would you feel if both WhatsApp and Google Maps…

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