Moving app and data to external sd card has become one of the concern of many Android users. If you own an Android smartphone, you must be playing games in your spare time.

There are so many games in the Play store. And, we know that some of them are small in size, quite the reverse, some are so big. Ultimately, we love to play the games which have good Graphics and game play.

And the HD games are a new addition to Android platform. Those games are so much resource hungry and uses much of your storage. But, unfortunately not all of the phones have much storage in internal SD. So, we cannot play those incredible games or use any other apps.

Ways for moving App and Data to External SD

But, there are ways for moving app and data from internal to external SD. And, by this you will get more space in your internal SD and able to play those resource hungry games. There are different ways for moving app and data to external SD. We will tell you the processes for both rooted and non –rooted users here.

Ways for moving App and Data to External SD


1. For Non-rooted users:

If your OS version does not support moving app to external SD then without rooting you cannot do that. But, if it supports then you can follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings of your Android Smartphone
  • Then scroll down to find the ‘Apps’ settings
  • Tap on ‘Apps’ from the settings menu

How to Move App 2

  • Now, slide from right to left to navigate to the ‘All’ apps list

How to Move App 3

  • Tap the app which you want to move to external memory card
  • On the next page, tap on the option ‘Move to SD card’ and wait some time

How to Move App 4

  • After some time your app will be moved to external SD, and you will see the previous option as ‘Move to Phone’

How to Move App 5

However, some of the phones don’t have this feature by default. For that reason, you have to root your device first. Then there are a lot of third party apps that are capable of moving app from internal to external SD card. Here we will show the process through which you will be able to move apps from internal to external SD on your rooted Android device.


2. For Rooted users:

Here, we will introduce to you two awesome app for moving app and app data from internal to external SD. They are- GL to SD and FloderMount.

2.1 Using GL to SD

This app is available in the Play store. Unless your phone is rooted you will not be able to use this app.

Required things:

  • At first download the app from Google Play. Install it in you Smartphone
  • Your phone must have root access
  • To root your device , just search the web ‘How to Root’ by your Phone’s model and follow the methods


If you have all done all of the above. Then heed to the next part.

  • Open the app ‘GL to SD’
  • Now, from the top right corner of the screen tap on the options menu, which will be ‘three dots’ like icon

How to Move App 6

  • Now, tap on ‘Move Data’ and a list of the apps will appear

How to Move App 7

  • Select the app which you want to move by tapping the check box right next to the name of the app
  • After selecting that, tap on ‘Move’ and your app and data will be moved to external SD card.

Note: the time required for moving the app and data will vary depending on the size of the App. So, you better change the ‘Screen Timeout’ to 30 minutes. Because, during the moving process if your phone get locked, the data will be corrupted. So, to prevent this situation you will need to increase the ‘screen timeout’.

How to Move App 8

  • If you don’t have all of the apps in the list. Then you might have to change the Mounted folder from the Settings. To do that – go to ‘Settings’, then under the section ‘Customize mounted Folder’ select your preferred folder on which your apps are installed. Go back on the list.

How to Move App 9

  • Now, you will see the app (which you have moved earlier) on the main screen. There will be an option labeled as ‘Play’ will be right next to it. But don’t tap on it now.
  • You will see a ‘mount’ icon on the top of the screen, tap on that.

How to Move App 10

  • Then you can tap on ‘play’ and your app/game will start and it will be from the external SD.

How to Move App 11

  • When you will stop using the app, you have to unmount it by tapping the unmounts ion on the upper side of the screen

How to Move App 12

Note: you have to mount the apps each time before using. And again unmount each time after closing the app.

2.2 Using FolderMount

This app is also good for moving app from internal to external SD. But, it also requires root access in your Phone. And, it has a paid version too, you can buy that within the free app for 1.19 €. In the paid version, you will be able to transfer as many apps as you want. But, the free version has limitation.


  • Download and install FolderMount
  • Open the app (without rooting your device, this app won’t work)
  • Now, tap on the + sign on the right upper corner of the screen

How to Move App 13

  • Next, type a name on the Name section
  • Then tap on ‘Source’. And go to the folder where your app data are saved. (Usually, it would be mnt/sdcard/Android/obb or mainly the obb folder on your internal SD)

How to Move App 14

  • Now, tap on the data file (something like of your preferred app (which you want to move) and tap on the tick-mark on the right upper corner of the screen

How to Move App 15

  • A prompt will appear, tap on ‘Yes’ and you will be taken to the previous page
  • On that page, tap on the tick mark again. A prompt will appear again, tap on ‘YES’.

How to Move App 16

  • The moving process will be started and wait till this ends
  • Then you will have the Pair folder (which you created just now) on the main page of that app and there will be a grayed pin sign right next to the folder pair
  • Tap on the pin sign and wait till it turns to green. You are done.

How to Move App 17

  • Just close the app and use the app which you have just moved to external SD

By using this process you will be easily able to move apps and app data to your device’s external Storage. We recommend you buy the paid version to get all the facilities.


Last words

By following those steps, you will be able to move almost any apps from your internal storage to external storage.  Though, you might need to root your device if you want to move any apps to external SD or your OS doesn’t have the feature of moving apps by default. But, it will worth rooting your device. Hope this tutorial will help you out anyway.




Photo credit: troopers 044 via photopin (license)